Still on COZA sex scandal


Still on COZA sex scandal

Abuja based stylish pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA who has been accused of sexually assaulting female Church members has been under fire for his mode of dressing and it all on Internet.

Some individuals have now questioning his mode of dressing. A few others now are referring to him as a ‘Yahoo boy’ instead of a pastor , alleging that he ought not to have been dressing in such a manner as a clergy.


I totally condemn his act of s*xual predator. Thou, I can’t condemn his dressing either. But I’ll be damn not to concentrate on his choice of clothing which always made headlines. Besides, preaching the gospel does not mean one must dress in a certain way.

Pastor Biodun,if found guilty of this acts ,is also a human being just like you and I. My problem for now, are his staunch followers who won’t see the human aspect of him,than the “God” of pulpit whilst their doubting “Thomas” and the attack on people who are worried about him using God’s anointing for his sexual escapades. Please read 1st Timothy 5: 20-21.

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We defend clergymen more than the Church why?

People, it’s time to defend the body of Christ and not immortality. .

As, I scrolled through comments of some individuals in defence of his infidelity I shook my head… Some even had the temerity mentioning that the sex was consensual so why should he be blamed?

Are we serious?

Is a married clergyman now allowed to have consensual s*x?

Does the Christian body now promote infidelity from married men? I mean an ‘anointed’ of the Lord?

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While Muslims preach 4 wives… Church preaches one man to a wife or has the doctrines changed?

However, It’s not easy for men to stand temptation and the rate at which Married men gets chased after, by single ladies is alarming… Just as married women gets chased after by young men too..

I recall a friend of mine dishing marriage advise to me.

He said Queen, look at me… Do I have money? I am married and broke. Yet, these ladies won’t stop chasing after me, once I share a cute photo or make a post that discreetly portray me as a rich married man.

He continued,

we are helpless when it comes to resisting sexual temptation from women. Infact, the ratio is 5/95. It’s just too hard.

Well, I am not trying to pronounce the pastor innocent.

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But, I bet you they are thousand of young spinsters in the church who fantasize having canal knowledge sex with him while at home than they read their notes taken from his Sunday & midweek services.

Just like he’d be chasing after some spinsters.

Not to talk of the sisters who may get possessed everyday ,just to go for every deliverance services under the pretense to collapse under anointing with their mini skirts.

Inspite of all been said, Timi Dakolo’s allegations shouldn’t be taken for granted. That’s one Nigerian musician who usually minds his business… Him speaking out means a lot.

Queen-Eva Doosh  is a free thinker who writes from mount Zion.??



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